Transport Services

CARGOFLEX delivers cargo by utilizing intermodal transport, which involves road and railroad transport.

CARGOFLEX team always searches for best way how to understand and meet clients objectives and work out the perfect solutions – the balance in between time and cost. CARGOFLEX is there to serve clients with all range of multimodal tranportation – from rail, ferry intermodal, standard loads to heavy or high value goods – finding the optimal combination of modes of transportation. We call it: “The flexible way.”

We offer multimodal services in:

  • Germany: Duisburg, Köln, Hamburg, Karlsruhe and München
  • Sweden: Malmö, Katrineholm, Gothenburg
  • Switzerland: Basel (Weil am Rhein)


We specialize in transportation between Western Europe, Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Gas trucks with up to 100% CO₂ reduction

CARGOFLEX provide trucks with LBG propulsion up to 100% less CO₂, LNG propulsion up to 20% less CO₂ and 95% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than diesel-powered engines of the current Euro 6 emission legislation. Moreover, the LNG-powered trucks release almost no particulate matter (-95%) due to the low-soot combustion process. This means there is no need for an expensive exhaust treatment system. The combustion noise is also reduced by about (-3 dB) in comparison with a diesel truck.

Multimodal Transport

CARGOFLEX team makes sure the goods are safely transported from point of origin to intended destination. Using all possible means of transport, including ferry train and truck makes our service so efficient. Cargo is supervised on every level of the transportation process including repacking and customs clearance. CARGOFLEX elaborates the service to the type of cargo that has to be transported – consumer or industrial goods, paper, steel, building materials, machinery or electronics.