About us

Our company

CARGOFLEX shall supply high quality service as a multimodal transport and logistic service company.
Guaranteed safety and reliability of all carrying out operations with freight is our company policy. We provide high quality service by using our highly-experienced personnel at competitive prices.
CARGOFLEX offer for client best solution for cargo delivery. At same time, we provide environmental friendly solution of cargo multimodal delivery using the train.
The policy of CARGOFLEX also includes integration, support and provision of achieving the quality of the expected results and continual improvement of quality management by management system.

Corporate sustainability

Environmental policy

Being environmentally conscious, we aim to limit rising CO2 emission while providing an efficient and cost-effective service to our clients. Our fleet of trucks is less than two years old, and every single truck meets Euro5 and Euro6 standards. We always urge our clients to use water or rail transport which are eco-friendly and safe.
CARGOFLEX has been certified in line with ISO 14001:2015 standards. In compliance with the set requirements, the company continually improves its environmental commitment.
CARGOFLEX environment policy includes agreement with our partners which calls for using the most advanced and eco-friendly mode of transport. Our effective eco-friendly guideline reduces negative impacts on the environment. It also gives us the winning edge in a competitive market.

Quality control

Our ISO certificate for quality system 9001:2015 enables us to provide superior service to our clients. It also ensures that we remain ahead of the competition. Providing high quality service, employing a team of experts and offering competitive prices as well as our commitment to stringent safety standards define our core identity.
CARGOFLEX offers its clients best possible solutions for freight transport including greater use of eco-friendly multimodal rail cargo delivery method. Superior service, effective management and proven success record in meeting client’s expectations are the core principles of CARGOFLEX operation.


We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our dynamic company.
Cargoflex team is a group of highly dedicated people who strive to improve every day so if you like a challenge and a constantly changing environment then join us.
It’s a dynamic and fast-moving environment with rapid decisions at every level – where ambition meets teamwork in an effort to face challenges, succeed, move forward and make a difference